Photograph Albums

Sewickley Valley Historical Society has uploaded a series of photographs into albums on the website.  Those created so far are listed below.  Click on the titles to view.

The images in Sewickley Valley Historical Society's 2006 book in Arcadia Publishing's Postcard History Series were chosen from among these postcards. Most are in the Sewickley Valley Historical Society collection, but others were used with the permission of Allegheny City Society; Gloria G. Berry; Milana K. Bizic; Michael Westcott Brown; the late Dr. Leroy J. Egan; Cynthia P. Giles; Lake County Discovery Museum, Wauconda, IL; Margaret Mather Marshall; the late Betty G. Y. Shields; Marjorie R. Williams-Super; the Frank Wisen Family.

These photographs from the Historical Society's collection were used in an exhibition in the Village during "Sewickley Unleashed, 2015."

The aerial photos in this album were taken in the 1930s by barnstormer and commercial airline pilot William H. "Wild Bill" Riley and his friend William E. Reitz, apparently for sale to the owners of the properties.  The photos, which were donated to the Historical Society by Glenn and Carol Bohn, may have been rejects, as some show the shadow of the airplane and others are out of focus.
The first seven photos are of estates that no longer exist: Farmhill, Edgehill Manor, Goodwood, As You Like It, Franklin Farm, Hohenburg and Skipton, and we've included images of these houses.  The locations of some of the images that follow have been identified, but not all.  Can you help us with identification?             

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